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Self-Paced OnlineExplaining Loan ModificationsN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsFair LendingN/A$265
Live WebinarFair Lending: Overview and New Developments09/09/2019$265
Self-Paced OnlineFinancial Risk Management: Interest Rate RiskN/A$275
Self-Paced OnlineFinancial Risk Management: Liquidity RiskN/A$275
Self-Paced OnlineCRELD3Financing Different Types of Commercial PropertiesN/A$125
Self-Paced OnlineABA 7018Fundamentals of Consumer LendingN/A$95
Self-Paced OnlineABA 4282Fundamentals of Small Business BankingN/A$95
Self-Paced Online0515Handling Mortgage Inquiries and Making Referrals​N/A$95
Recorded WebinarsHMDAN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsHMDA Advanced LessonsN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsHMDA Auditing #2: Collateral and Transaction-Specific Data ElementsN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsHMDA Auditing #3: Building on Principles and Auditing Tips for Effective ReviewsN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsHMDA Data - Trust But VerifyN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsHMDA Nine Month Checkup & What Lies AheadN/A$265