ABA Wharton Emerging Leaders Certificate in Strategy

This certificate program is taught through a series of short 10-20 minute videos from top-tier Wharton leadership experts, together with assessments to ensure learners understand key concepts. Learn how to create strategic leadership and vision and identify your most valuable customers and leverage their strategic value.

Required Modules – contact the CFT office for a more detailed description of each module.
  • Competitive and Corporate Strategy
    • The Firm and the Industry
    • Industry Analysis and Competitive Dynamics
    • Corporate Strategy and Firm Scope
    • Firms in a Context
  • Managing the Value of Customer Relationships
    • What are Customer Centricity, Customer Equity, Firm Valuation and CLV?
    • Managing Customer According to Lifetime Value in Contractual and Non-Contractual Settings
    • Acquiring Customers and Creating and Measuring Their Value
    • Retention, Attrition and Development

The estimated time to complete each module is 3-4 hours. The short video format allows learners to easily pick up where they left off.

Courses can only be purchased as a certificate.

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