ABA Wharton Emerging Leaders Certificate in Engaging and Motivating Talent

This certificate program is taught through a series of short 10-20 minute videos from top-tier Wharton leadership experts, together with assessments to ensure learners understand key concepts. Learn how to create an environment where employees can thrive. Start motivating, organizing and rewarding people so you can succeed as a business and as a social organization.

Required Modules – contact the CFT office for a detailed description of each module.
  • Leadership in the 21st Century:
    • Engaging Hearts and Minds
    • Understanding Work Style and Cultivating Originality
    • Purpose-Driven Leadership
    • Organizational Culture and Culture Change
  • Managing and Motivating Talent:
    • Motivation and Reward
    • Tasks, Jobs and Systems of Work
    • Making Good And Timely Management Decisions
    • Designing and Changing the Organization’s Architecture

The estimated time to complete each module is 3-4 hours. The short video format allows learners to easily pick up where they left off.

Courses can only be purchased as a certificate.

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