ABA Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending

ABA Certificate in Business & Commercial Lending provides the commercial lending process and the related financial analysis of a borrower. This involves a mix of qualitative and quantitative skills that cover over five “levels” with each level having four or five courses of instruction. To accelerate learning, each course has a pre-test to allow the elimination of subjects where the learner demonstrates sufficient knowledge. This curriculum also includes a comprehensive glossary of terms and job aids that are valuable references to download and print throughout the series of courses and back on the job. This curriculum focuses on commercial and industrial lending (C&I), and excludes commercial real estate or investment properties.

The curricula included in the ABA Certificate in Business & Commercial Lending are:

This is a 5 module course.  Students can enroll in the entire set for $600 or each individual module for $150.  Click on the course titles above to enroll in individual courses.


Commercial and/or Business bankers and Credit Analysts

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