Indirect Lending

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm CT

Recommended for 2 CE Credits

Program Content:

How to Improve and Strengthen Controls Over Indirect Lending

Do you have controls in place to adequately monitor your indirect loan program? Is your indirect staff/team aware of the importance and need for adequate controls over indirect lending and how indirect lending controls work?

Growing loan portfolios continues to be a major challenge for Banks and other financial institutions. For Banks and other financial institutions with an indirect loan program, indirect lending continues to present challenges that require a greater degree of risk assessment, control, monitoring and oversight than ever before.

Covered Topics:

  • The controls needed for indirect lending programs today.
  • Criteria needed to provide adequate oversight of indirect loan programs.
  • How to improve and strengthen controls over indirect loan programs by more effective identification of the risks present within indirect lending.
  • Categories of indirect lending controls.
  • Controls necessary for “in-house” and “third-party” indirect lending.
  • Specific indirect lending tools and reports needed for every indirect loan program.
  • Validating controls over indirect loan program.
  • Controls over indirect loan “power-booking”.
  • CFPB’s indirect loan control perspectives.
  • And more.

Who Should Attend:

Bank loan management, bank indirect loan management, bank indirect loan officers, other bank indirect loan personnel, bank audit personnel, other personnel involved with indirect lending.


Bruce Hull has more than 30 years’ lending experience. His knowledge and ability to communicate have made him a sought-after speaker in the areas of lending, collections, and sales. Bruce has served in several capacities, including: COO for a $1.5 Billion credit union, the VP of lending for two large credit unions; the director of collections; a lender in two banks and a savings and loan; a lending professional with one of the nation’s top credit union audit firms; and an expert witness in loan fraud and bond claim cases.

Bruce has been a frequent presenter at conferences around the country for over 20 years. He attended the University of Nevada in Reno and earned a Retail Banking Diploma from the American Institute of Banking.

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