Teller Operations 3/9/20

After successfully completing this Teller Operations training course, you will be able to:  describe the expectations of your role as a teller; respond effectively to difficult customer situations; understand the cross-selling opportunities provided by daily transactions; distinguish between genuine and counterfeit currency; avoid balancing errors; conduct proper procedures during a robbery, fire or other emergency; explain the Currency Transaction Report; describe endorsement types and their individual features; and utilize negotiability and security measures to prevent check fraud.

Topics include:

  • The Teller’s Role
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Products and Services
  • Checks
  • Endorsements
  • Account Ownership
  • Coins and Paper Currency
  • Balancing Daily Transactions
  • Emergency Situations

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Course / Seminar Type: Instructor-Led Online
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Course / Seminar Start Date: 03/09/2020
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