Marketing 12/9/19

The primary objective of this Marketing course is to provide materials that not only introduce the student to the field of services marketing, but also acquaint the student with specific customer service issues. The business world now demands, in addition to traditional business knowledge, increasing employee competence in customer satisfaction, service quality, and customer service – skills that are essential in sustaining the existing customer base. (10 weeks)

Textbook chapter topics include:

  • Introduction to Services
  • The Gaps Model of Service Quality
  • Consumer Behavior in Services
  • Customer Expectations of Service
  • Customer Perceptions of Service
  • Listening to Customers through Research
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Service Recovery
  • Aligning Service Design and Standards
  • Customer-Defined Service Standard
  • Physical Evidence and the Servicescape
  • Employees’ Roles in Service Delivery
  • Customers’ Roles in Service Delivery
  • Delivering Service through Intermediaries and Electronic Channels
  • Managing Demand and Capacity
  • Integrated Services Marketing Communications
  • Pricing of Services
  • The Financial and Economic Impact of Service

Audience: Students who have not had a formal course in marketing and who wish to increase their understanding of all facets of marketing.

This Marketing course is ACE recommended for College Credit Transfer!

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