Customer Service Excellence 8/19/19

The Customer Service course will help you discover why improving your service to consumers is a career investment.  Learn how to provide service that meets the needs and expectations of every consumer.  Training topics include:  recognize the importance of customer service; understand the communication process; recognize the value of face-to-face interactions; describe how to effectively use the telephone to communicate; identify techniques for interacting with diverse customers; identify techniques for handling challenging situations; explain the role of technology in customer service; describe the importance of effectively working with internal customers.

Textbook chapter topics include:

  • The Importance of Customer Service
  • The Communications Process
  • Telephone Interactions
  • Interacting with Diverse Customers
  • Handling Challenging Situations
  • The Role of Technology in Customer Service
  • Working with Internal Customers

Audience: Bank or Credit Union employees who have direct or indirect contact with consumers.

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Course / Seminar Type: Instructor-Led Online
Course / Seminar Category: Retail Banking, Marketing & Sales Training
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Course / Seminar Start Date: 08/19/2019
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