The Future of Business 5/20/19

The Future of Business training course offers a brief yet complete introduction to business concepts and terminology using a student-centered, practical, and relevant approach. Students learn to navigate through the sometime stormy business environment by stressing important business issues such as customer satisfaction and quality, entrepreneurship, cultural and workplace diversity, ethics, global business, technology, teams, and e-business.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Economic Systems and Business
  • Making Ethical Decisions and Managing a Socially Responsible Business
  • Competing in the Global Marketplace
  • Forms of Business Ownership
  • Entrepreneurship:  Starting and Managing Your Own Business
  • Management and Leadership in Today’s Organization
  • Designing Organizational Structures
  • Managing Human Resources and Labor Relations
  • Motivating Employees
  • Achieving World-Class Operations Management
  • Creating Products and Pricing Strategies to Meet Customers’ Needs
  • Distributing and Promoting Products and Services
  • Using Technology to Manage Information
  • Using Financial Information and Accounting
  • Understanding Money and Financial Institutions
  • Understanding Financial Management and Securities Markets

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